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Ben & Jerry’s requires new employees to watch lectures on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

New employees hired by Ben & Jerry’s are required to watch four video lectures featuring activists discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as part of their orientation, Jewish Insider has learned.

The videos are part of what the ice cream company dubbed “Scooper Series: Social Mission” and address racism in the U.S. and the…

Israel tells its citizens to avoid Istanbul, warns Iran not to harm them

Israel urged its citizens on Monday to avoid Istanbul or to return home if already there, sharpening a May 30 advisory against travel to Turkey because of what it said was a threat of Iranian attempts to kill or abduct vacationing Israelis.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said a “huge effort” by Israel’s security forces had saved “Israeli…

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Biden Says Expected Visit to Middle East Would Focus on Israel’s Security

President Joe Biden said Saturday a potential trip to Saudi Arabia would focus primarily on national security issues facing Israel and the Saudi kingdom.

When asked by reporters if he has decided whether to visit Saudi Arabia, Biden replied, “Not yet.” He said any trip to the kingdom would focus on national security concerns rather than energy….

Senate Foreign Affairs Committee approves Stop Iranian Drones Act

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday approved the Stop Iranian Drones Act, which aims to prevent the Islamic Republic and terrorist groups and militias associated with it from obtaining lethal Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

The act is an amendment to the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), enacted in…

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Understanding the new Israel-Iran tensions – opinion

Israel has said it is shifting gears against Iran in the region. This apparently hints at a public shift from the campaign between the wars, in which thousands of airstrikes were carried out against Iran in Syria, to other types of operations.

“Israel fell into the trap and fought the octopus’s tentacles tactically,” Prime Minister Naftali…

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Israel unveils armed robotic vehicle for ‘forward reconnaissance missions’

The Defense Ministry on Monday announced it would begin testing a new robotic unmanned combat vehicle it is developing with several Israeli arms firms.

The Medium Robotic Combat Vehicle (M-RCV) — unveiled for the first time at the Eurosatory defense expo being held in Paris — integrates several “cutting-edge technologies,” according to the…

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Blinken Pushes Iran to Reverse Decision to Remove Cameras; Warns of ‘Political Isolation’

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Thursday that Iran’s decision to remove nuclear monitoring equipment after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) passed a resolution critical of the country could lead to “deepening nuclear crisis and further economic and political isolation.”

Blinken’s comments come after Iran this week began…

Abraham Accords Caucus urges integrated Middle East air-defense program

In its first legislative initiative since its founding earlier this year, the Abraham Accords Caucus, comprised of members of both the House and Senate, introduced legislation on Thursday to encourage the U.S. to pursue a joint missile-defense architecture with Israel and the U.S.’s Arab allies and partners in the Middle East — including Saudi…

NY senator requests additional funding to combat antisemitism, strengthen US-Israel ties

United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is leading bipartisan colleagues to urge the Senate to increase funding to combat antisemitism and strengthen the US-Israel relationship, her office announced on Wednesday.

Earlier this month, Gillibrand requested Senate appropriators provide $500 million to fully fund US-Israel missile defense…

Boston Jews say a pro-Palestinian group’s map of local ‘Zionist leaders and powerhouse NGOs’ is a guide to antisemitism

A Jewish arts group. A Jewish high school. A Jewish newspaper. A synagogue network. A major Jewish philanthropy that directs funds to mental health, homelessness prevention and refugee resettlement initiatives.

These are a few of the locations on a dense interactive map of “Zionist leaders and powerhouse NGOs” in Massachusetts created by an…

US lawmakers aim to integrate defense systems of Israel, Arab states against Iran

Bipartisan groups of US lawmakers in both the House and the Senate introduced legislation on Thursday aimed at creating an integrated air defense system to boost cooperation between Israel and neighboring Arab states against Iran.

The Deterring Enemy Forces and Enabling National Defenses (DEFEND) Act is the latest effort in the US to bolster…

Thomas-Greenfield: U.S. is pushing back on anti-Israel actvity at the U.N.

Speaking at a House Appropriations Committee budget hearing this week, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield discussed the U.S.’s efforts to push back against the targeting of Israel by United Nations institutions, particularly the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Thomas-Greenfield said the U.S. was not a member of UNHRC when…

Israeli tech: This new sensor can detect incoming fire on battlefield

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled a new passive high-performance gunfire detection system (GDS), the OTHELLO-P, at the Eurosatory Exhibition in Paris.

With integrated artificial intelligence processing and extended SWIR electro-optics and acoustic sensors, the OTHELLO-P system is a compact sensor designed to immediately detect,…

IDF: Hezbollah gathering intelligence on the border disguised as environmental group

Hezbollah has established an intelligence-gathering outpost on the Israel-Lebanon border disguised as an environmental protection group, the Israeli military announced on Wednesday.

Israel Defense Forces Arabic-language spokesperson Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee posted images on Twitter showing what he said were Hezbollah members at the post. Their…

‘Zionist capitalists’ plague for world even before Israel – Khamenei

Zionism is a plague for the world of Islam and “Zionist capitalists” were a plague for the whole world, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said during a speech on Wednesday.

“Today, Zionism is an obvious plague for the world of Islam,” said Khamenei, according to a transcript on his English-language website. “The Zionists have always been a…

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In new escalation, Iran tells IAEA it plans to further ramp up uranium enrichment

Iran plans to install two new cascades of advanced centrifuges that will allow Tehran to rapidly enrich more uranium, the UN’s nuclear watchdog said Thursday, the latest escalation in the standoff over the country’s atomic program.

The decision to add the two IR-6 centrifuges cascades at its underground Natanz nuclear facility comes as…

‘Fatal blow’ to talks: UN nuke watchdog says Iran removing 27 surveillance cameras

The head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog agency said Thursday that Iran is removing 27 surveillance cameras from nuclear sites in the country, raising the risk of its inspectors being unable to track Tehran’s advances as it enriches uranium closer than ever to weapons-grade levels.

Rafael Mariano Grossi, the director-general of the International…

New York trip for wounded Israeli soldiers boosts mind, body and spirit

A nation that so highly values its citizens who made the ultimate sacrifice still struggles in dealing with those who made it through with battle scars, both visible and unseen. Hardened Israeli veterans find hope, and each other, each year in New York.

Lt. Col. Matan Eizenberg, 24, was a commander in the Israel Defense Forces’ famed Golani…