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Stabbing Attack Thwarted At Checkpoint Near Jerusalem


Assailant said shot, critically wounded, with no other casualties in incident

The Israeli security forces thwarted an attempted stabbing attack at the Qalandiya checkpoint near Jerusalem on Monday, early media reports suggested.

Initial reports suggest the assailant was shot and injured, with no other casualties in the incident. He is said to be in a critical state.

The suspect was spotted by the security personnel as he approached the crossing intended for vehicles. After being told to stop several times, he was shot during an arrest.

The incident comes after clashes at the Qalandiya refugee camp between Israel Border police and Palestinians during a daytime arrest.

After Israeli security forces arrived at the camp to arrest three people wanted over suspected involvement in car theft, local residents started to lob concrete slabs and other heavy objects at the police.

The officer opened fire, leaving four Palestinians wounded; according to Palestinian reports, three of those are in a serious state.

On the Israeli side, six police officers sustained wounds, according to authorities. 

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