In Warning to Security Council, American UN Envoy Nikki Haley Highlights Ballistic Missile Danger, Growing Iranian Support for Terror

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, wrote on Wednesday to both the Security Council and the global intergovernmental organization’s secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, with a stark warning about Iran’s growing support for terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon.

“As long as we allow the Iranian regime to violate this Council’s prohibitions with impunity, it will be a source of weapons to terrorist groups that will only grow in volume and destructive capability,” Haley wrote. “The United States will continue to raise this issue of Iranian non-compliance with international obligations at every opportunity.”

Haley’s comments on the Tehran regime’s increased financing, training and political support for terrorist groups in the Middle East came as the US joined with the United Kingdom, France and Germany in condemning Iran’s July 27 launch of a satellite-carrying rocket into space. Iran’s action was, the four countries said, a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which calls on Iran not to undertake ballistic missile activity as part of its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal.

The US and its allies pointed out that if Iran’s Simorgh space launch vehicle was adapted as ballistic missile, it would have the “range and payload capacity to carry a nuclear warhead.”

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