US told to sanction Iran’s IRGC-controlled media for using torture

Iranian state media masquerade as legitimate while violating international law by using physical and psychological torture to extract forced confessions from political prisoners, according to a new report. The US should sanction Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-controlled news wires and go after individuals who were involved in forced confessions, argues the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.“The case for sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s State-Run Media” highlights Iran’s involvement in “Torture TV” according to Toby Dershowitz, who co-authored  the report with Talia Katz in February. Iran has a state controlled media arm called the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). It is a “propaganda organ of the clerical regime,” the writers note. IRIB has around 20 television channels and also runs English-language channels such as Press TV. It has a near-monopoly on media in Iran. There are other media linked to the IRGC, including Fars News and Tasnim.

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