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UAE ambassador to Israel: ‘Abraham Accords a beacon of light and hope in human history’


First ever Emirati envoy to Jewish state presents letters of credence to Israeli President Rivlin

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) first ever ambassador to Israel arrived Monday at the Jewish state for a three-day visit, and delivered a warm address in an official ceremony with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem.

Exalting the landmark peace treaty signed with Israel, envoy Mohamed Mahmoud Fateh Ali Al Khaja said that “the Abraham Accords will remain a beacon of light and hope in human history, for all of the peace-loving people. [It] has created a new reality.”

The Emirati diplomat stipulated that “Now more than ever, there’s no doubt that the historic Abraham Accords, which was signed in the White House in September 2020, opened a new page of relations between the countries and sealed efforts to guarantee stability and security in the region.”

Rivlin welcomed Al Khaja to Israel’s capital, saying “I am happy to greet you today, Mr. Ambassador, the United Arab Emirates delegation, here on the land of Israel and on the land of Jerusalem, holy and dear to us all.”

“Our two countries share this ethos,” the president continued, “of a small nation seeking to turn barren land into a flowering garden against all odds.”

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