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U.S. Ambassador Friedman at March of the Living: Antisemitism plagues mankind

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman spoke at the March of the Living on Thursday afternoon in memory of the horrors of the Holocaust, stating that “antisemitism is not going to be eradicated or cured with slogans or easy steps.”

“So, of course, we condemn all acts of antisemitism,” Friedman stated before the march began. “We condemn all acts of any hostilities to anyone based upon religion, or race, or ethnicity.”

The March of the Living chose “No to Antisemitism” as the subject for this year’s march following the steep rise in antisemitism in the past year.

As Friedman prepared for the march in memory of the savagery of the Holocaust, he said that “we can never forgive those who murdered six million Jews.”

“We have to always honor their memory,” Friedman said of the murdered Jews. “It’s the most important lesson to mankind, the lesson of the Holocaust.”

This is much bigger than any single event,” he continued. “This is about how we are as human beings and the tolerance that we have to bring to our lives.”

Friedman explained that this year’s March of the Living was the first in which a US delegation attended. He explained, “It reflects the will of the administration, from the president to the vice president to the secretary of state… to combat antisemitism in all its ugly forms.

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