Palestinian Authority

The Priorities of Palestinian Leaders

  • Let us consider some of those “other priorities….” Last week, Palestinian sources revealed that the ministers of the Palestinian Authority government have given themselves a $2,000 raise in their monthly salary… at a time when the Palestinian leadership is claiming that it is suffering from a financial crisis.
  • Hardly a day passes without another Palestinian reported killed in Syria. The latest victim died under torture in a Syrian prison last week. The victim’s family has requested that his name not be published out of concern for their lives… His death brings to 606 the number of Palestinians who died under torture in Syrian prisons in the past eight years.
  • When was the last time a senior Palestinian official talked about the torture and arrest of Palestinians in an Arab country? They really don’t have the time: they are too busy condemning Israel and the US administration to take note of the fact that thousands of their people are being killed, displaced and tortured in Arab countries.

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