Terrorism is Terrorism

A wave of unprecedented terrorism is sweeping the globe. Our oldest ally, France, is reeling from its own “9/11” and Israelis continue to deal with stabbings, shootings, and vehicular attacks.It has been confirmed that Tashfeen Malik, the female shooter and wife of terrorist Syed Farook, had publicly pledged loyalty to ISIS.For its part, the terror group praised its “young lions” in California, bringing the “faraway” terror threat to America in the worst attack since 9/11. Tragically, it appears that Farook specifically targeted a co-worker, Nicholas Thalasinos, a Messianic believer, after the two had argued about Islam.

Yet some in the international community fail to recognize terrorism as terrorism.  Yesterday, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven claimed that the stabbings in Israel are not terrorism.  He later tried to clarify his remarks, but his message was heard loud and clear. We strongly agree with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that  “there isn’t one moral standard for Israel and one for the rest of the world.”

Let us resolve never to be silent in the face of such atrocities. Let us resolve to treat Israeli lives with just as much respect as French and American lives. And let us send a strong signal to all those who target innocent life – you will not prevail.

Israel Steadfast Amid “Wave of Terror”

Jewish communities in Israel are now facing what has been described as the “Third Intifada,” and the hourly escalation in attacks all over Israel has residents simultaneously on edge and resolute. On Thursday, October 1, a Hamas terror cell was dispatched from Nablus, and five armed men shot and killed Eitam Henkin and his wife, Naama, while the couple’s four children sat in the car their parents were driving in Samaria.

Since the murder of the Henkins, stabbings in Jerusalem’s Old City were followed by further attempts to kill Israelis by knife and gun-wielding terrorists, vowing to avenge alleged “attacks” on the Al-Aksa Mosque. To date, two Israelis have been killed in stabbing attacks, with more than a half-dozen such attacks occurring.

A tightly coordinated effort by the IDF, the Shin Bet, and Israeli police is underway, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged that Israel will prevail. Scores of terror suspects have been detained by Israeli forces.

In the face of such terror aimed at innocents, let us resolve to pray unceasingly for our beloved Israeli friends, as they continue their heroic efforts on the frontlines of radical Islam’s war on Judeo-Christian civilization. Let us match their inspiring resolve.