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Talking Points – 4/30/18

CUFI Talking Points: Netanyahu Reveals Iran’s Secret Nuclear Files

Today Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed to the world the existence of Iran’s secret nuclear files—proven by 100,000 documents obtained by Israel—on Project Amad. You can watch the full 22 minute video presentation of Israel’s evidence below. This explosive revelation confirmed what we long believed but now know without a doubt—Iran’s unrelenting pursuit of nuclear weapons continues to threaten the security of the entire world.

Dubbed by Israel’s intelligence officers as the Atomic Archive, these Iranian nuclear files contain stunning details of the scope and intent of Iran’s nuclear weapons development program. Contrary to the claims Iran made to the International Atomic Energy Agency in its December 2015 report, upon which the 2016 JCPOA international agreement known as the Iran Deal was based, we now know:
1.      Iran DID have a nuclear weapons development program known as Project Amad.
2.      Iran’s state-funded and directed scientists worked extensively on technology specifically designed for constructing a nuclear bomb.

Iran’s lies to the IAEA completely undermine and render useless the Iran Deal signed by President Obama. Furthermore, the secret files Israel obtained also reveal Iran’s nuclear weapons research continues. If the current Iran Deal is allowed to remain in place and the world does nothing, Iran will have a clear and rapid path to unlimited uranium enrichment and intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of hitting Israel, the entire Middle East, our European allies, and even the United States.

The newly released evidence of Iran’s deception and evil intent was publicly announced just two weeks before President Trump’s deadline to fix or withdraw from the Iran Deal. The documents—proving Iran lied to the IAEA and continues to lie to the world by denying it ever conducted a nuclear weapons program—leave no doubt that the Iran Deal is fatally flawed.