Syrian air defense missiles again a threat to Israel

Syrian air defense fired a missile that caused sirens inside Israel in the first hours of Wednesday morning. The sirens sounded in Umm el-Fahm and the IDF said “following the report regarding the sirens that sounded a short while ago, an anti-aircraft missile was launched from Syrian territory and exploded over Israeli air space. No interception was performed.”

In response to the launched Syrian anti-aircraft missile, “The IDF struck surface-to-air missile targets in Syria,” the IDF said. “Earlier this evening, following an anti-aircraft missile that was launched from Syria and exploded mid-air, the IDF striked [sic] surface-to-air missile targets in Syria. Among the targets: Syrian radar and anti-aircraft batteries that launched missiles at IAF aircrafts. The IDF will continue to protect Israel’s airspace and security.”

This isn’t the first time Syrian air defense has fired wildly and their missiles have threatened Israel. On April 21, 2021 another Syrian air defense missile flew deep into Israel and landed near Dimona. In March 2017, a Syrian air defense missile flew over the Jordan valley and was intercepted by an Arrow interceptor. In September 2018, Syrian air defense mistakenly shot down a Russian military plane. In July 2019, a Syrian S-200 air defense missile hit Cyprus.

The latest incident came after foreign media reported that Syria had confronted an Israeli airstrike. Al-Mayadin news said that a Syrian soldier was killed and five wounded “as a result of an Israeli attack targeting military sites in the vicinity of the Syrian capital, Damascus, at dawn today.”

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