Statement From CUFI Founder And Chairman Pastor John Hagee

CUFI Founder and Chairman Pastor John Hagee Released the Following Statement Earlier Today


The events we are witnessing at the Capitol today are an un-American abomination and a disgrace to our democracy. There is absolutely no justification for the violence that is transpiring. There is nothing patriotic about storming our Capitol. There is nothing honorable about physically attacking our institutions of government.

Today, my prayers are with the brave men and women of the Washington law enforcement community and others that are in harms way. May God keep them safe as they seek to remove the violent individuals that have taken over our Capitol building. Regardless of how one votes, our loyalty is first to God and then to country. My prayers are with our troubled country.

I hope you all will join me in praying that this darkness is routed, and that God’s love and peace is quickly restored despite this tragic day.