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Spanish Standing With Israel October 11 – Farmers Branch, TX

Spanish Standing With Israel

October 11 – Farmers Branch, TX

Another first-time ever CUFI event took place on Wednesday night, October 11, 2017, in Farmers Branch, Texas at Hope City Church of the Assemblies of God South
Central Hispanic District. This Standing With Israel event was hosted by Pastors Juan Acuna and Nancy De La Pena, who in the past year hosted two other CUFI events at their District Youth Convention and District Youth Leadership Conference which is also under their leadership. As for this particular epic event, it was held during one of Hope City Church’s Spanish-speaking midweek services. Our national Hispanic outreach coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus, shared CUFI’s history along with a bible teaching on the importance of standing with Israel. Although the group in attendance was small, they received our pro-Israel message in a big way. Many of them joined our CUFI membership and others gave an offering towards the work of our CUFI On Campus outreach. This night was definitely historic for both Hope City Church and CUFI’s Hispanic outreach!

Oct 11

Oct 11