Event Recaps

September 25 – Why Israel – Tulsa, OK

This Burmese American church has been faithful with praying for Israel regularly and has been dedicating every February as Bless Israel month for their church, collecting an offering, and sending it to CUFI. Tulsa, Oklahoma has the largest Burmese population in the US, and majority of them are Christians though most of the churches have not been educated on the importance of supporting Israel and on the evils of antisemitism. It was a great opportunity for CUFI to reach this growing community and influence them to support CUFI’s mission. Many of the members were thankful that I came and did the Why Israel presentation saying that now they understand why support for Israel and the Jewish people is very important to their faith and community. I also encouraged the young people and college students that CUFI needs Asian Americans to speak against antisemitism in the campuses and universities so that their generation will not be deceived by the lies being promoted in schools about Israel and the Jewish people.