September 14th Mackinac Island, MI Why Israel Event

On Saturday, September 14th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted a Why Israel event in Mackinac Island, Michigan. This event was held at the annual Mike Silva International Ministries Friends Conference, and was hosted by Rev. Mike Silva who is an Alumni of our 2019 CUFI Latino Pastors Israel Tour. As a result of this event, several of the attendees who came to this conference from all over the U.S., became members of CUFI and gave offerings to the work of CUFI On Campus. Additionally, Rev. Silva announced he and his ministry will be taking a group of ministers and leaders on our CUFI Churches United Israel Tour in 2020. Thus, this event was quite successful and will result in even greater CUFI and Israel support from Mike Silva International Ministries and the ministers and leaders he influences around the nation and beyond!