Sept 30 San Antonio, TX Standing with Israel

Pastor Manuel Magana is part of the 2018 CUFI Diversity Israel Tour. In fact, he launched his church in March after the Israel trip. This was the first time Diversity Outreach brought a pastor who had not yet started his church, but it was well worth it.


Pastor Magana was reluctant to go to Israel as he and his staff was busy preparing for the church launch. But his staff encouraged him to go and bless Israel, and said that they would continue preparations in his absence. Experience Church is barely 7 months old, and already has over 200 members. The first ministry they decided to financially support was CUFI, and the entire Sunday offering was given to CUFI (there was no other offering taken). Pastor Magana said that his love for Israel came from his parents who were members of Cornerstone for a number of years. Pastor Magana also announced that the children’s ministry would place a container labeled “Israel” in the classroom so the kids could give to Israel related causes.