Secret Iran hacking plans against West revealed – report

Five secret documents allegedly showing Iranian plans to hack infrastructure in Western countries’, including in Europe, were publicized by Sky News late Monday.

Although there are reports of such hacks by Iran and others in the past, it is unusual for a media organization to obtain actual internal planning documents for Unit 13, the cyber unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
Some of the potential hacks, which the IRGC cyber group may be planning according to the report, would be against a cargo ship’s ballast water system. This could cause a ship irreparable damage.
The ballast water system helps balance the ship in certain circumstances by pumping water into special tanks on the ship, and tampering with the system could harm this crucial process.
Another Iranian plot appeared to be to hack the automatic tank gage of certain gas stations which could stop the flow of gas or in a worst case scenario, even cause an explosion, the report said.


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