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Saudi Diplomat Says Nobody ‘Naive’ Enough To Go Back To Old Iran Deal

Saudi UN envoy calls for new deal that would include Riyadh and stretch beyond Iran’s nuclear program

Abdallah Al-Mouallimi, Saudi Arabia’s UN envoy, said Sunday that nobody can be “naïve” enough to re-enter the old Iranian nuclear deal.

In his interview with Fox News, the diplomat asserted that the world had already witnessed the deal’s failure, and thus, there was no coming back to the old arrangement.

“I don’t think that anybody is going to be naïve enough to go back to the same deal,” he said.

The diplomat called for another deal — one that would also include Saudi Arabia and not be limited to curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but also tackle its missile program and material support for its proxy groups.

The administration of President Barack Obama viewed the JCPOA as one of the key achievements of its foreign policy. However, US President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the accord and reinstated crippling sanctions on the Iranian economy.

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