Salafism’s Infiltration of Berlin Public Schools Increases Anti-Semitism in the Classroom

Salafism Growing In Berlin

Germany faces a growing threat from children raised in Salafist families, according to the country’s domestic intelligence service.

A recent report issued by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), warned that these children are “educated from birth with an extremist world view that legitimizes violence against others and degrades those who aren’t part of their group.”

Salafist recruiters are effective because, unlike the imams at most German mosques who preach in Arabic or Turkish, they preach in German, often using teenage slang. The indoctrination and radicalization are also effective because recruitment often takes place in small circles and online, according to the report.

Salafism’s growing infiltration of the Berlin public schools also corresponds with an increase in anti-Semitism in the classrooms, according to an August 2017 study by the American Jewish Committee Office in Berlin.

Anti-Semitism is an essential element in the ideology of the entire Islamist spectrum, according to the BfV report. This propaganda uses age-old stereotypes and prejudices, prevalent from medieval times through the Nazi era.

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