Rift Opens Between Syrian Dictator Assad and Head of Iran’s Terrorist Army in Syria

A major rift has opened between Syrian President Bashar Assad and the head of Iran’s terrorist army in Syria, Arabic-language media reported Wednesday.

According to the Saudi news outlet Al Hadath, a source described as familiar with the issue said that Assad and other high-ranking members of the Syrian regime have “excluded” Mustafa Jawad Ghafari, head of Iran’s terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps-Quds Force in Syria.

The Quds Force has helped prop up Assad’s regime since a revolt against the dictator in 2011 led to an ongoing civil war.

Al Hadath stated that, according to the source, Assad considers Ghafari’s various activities to be a violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

These activities include bypassing Syrian customs, smuggling goods in order to build an Iran-dominated “black market,” exploiting Syrian national resources, looting national assets, and evading taxes.

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