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Rare 1,600-year-old gold bead found by teenager in Jerusalem’s City of David

A rare gold bead made by hand in Jerusalem some 1,600 years ago was recently discovered by an 18-year-old volunteer in the City of David, not far from the Old City, the Israel Antiquities Authority said Wednesday.

The tiny bead, found intact in an imposing Roman structure on what is known as the Pilgrimage Road, was created in a complex method that required the maker to delicately weld together more than a dozen granules of pure gold, the IAA said in a statement.

“Everyone here was in tremendous excitement,” said Hallel Feidman, the teenager who made the discovery as part of a project called the Archaeological Experience, in which earth from the Pilgrimage Road is sifted at the nearby Emek Tzurim National Park.

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