Radical Exchange: How Turkey and Iran Infiltrate Young American Minds

On June 29, during a conference at the Gaza Strip’s Al-Quds Open University titled “The Zionist Narrative Between Cassation and Dismantlement,” Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas stated: “There have become convictions and shifts in the world’s public opinion and at the level of parliaments towards reconsidering the Palestinian narrative.” Unfortunately, there is some truth to his words.

What Abbas did not mention, however, is why this shift is taking place. It would be easy — and indeed correct — to place a substantial portion of the blame on NGOs that promulgate lies about Israel, as Human Rights Watch and B’tselemdid with their recent reports that inaccurately condemned Israel as an apartheid state. One could also rightfully blame the PA itself, for its self-portrayal of perpetual victimhood at the hands of supposed Israeli aggression, despite its policy of financing terror and inciting violence in its schoolbooks.

But there is another element to the campaign to erode Israel’s public image that seldom gets the attention it deserves: the foreign influence of Middle East regimes.

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