Christian Persecution Issues

Pray for Syrian Christian Refugees Fleeing Terrorists and Civil War

Not stand by while the Christians of the Middle East are being attacked.
Pray the protection of Psalm 91 over my brothers and sisters facing dangerous circumstances around the world.

The ancient Christian communities of Syria, established in the first century AD, have been decimated by the Syrian Civil War ongoing since 2011 and the rise of the Islamic State terrorist group. Syria is the fifth most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian, according to Open Doors International. The country’s president, Bashar al-Assad, is at war with several factions of rebels and Islamic radical groups, including ISIS. But Assad’s oppressive government is backed by Iran and its proxies such as Hezbollah, and Assad’s military is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Syrians. CUFI’s Erick Stakelbeck explained the complicated situation in Syria on this episode of The Watchman. Unfortunately, there are no “good guys” in this war except the innocent people trapped between the competing forces.

Syria’s Christians are caught in the middle with nowhere safe to flee. ISIS has specifically chosen to target, enslave, and brutally murder Christians as they try to take control of the region. Surrounding countries are unwilling to accept refugees, because of fears that terrorists will hide among the victims and infiltrate additional Middle Eastern nations. Israel is doing everything it can to provide humanitarian aid to refugees and victims of the war, but as such a small nation with its own precarious security concerns it cannot absorb the refugees. European countries, Canada, and the United States have accepted some Syrian refugees, but despite the targeted persecution of Christians by ISIS only a very small percentage of Christians have been among the refugees accepted by Western nations. Most of the surviving Syrian Christians are still trapped.

As Syrian Christians are barred from entering countries like Britain, they face genocide and martyrdom on a daily basis. World governments have failed to stop the civil war or rescue the most vulnerable victims of this conflict, but some Christians have been saved by compassionate people who donated to ransom the captives of ISIS. However, giving money to ISIS is considered criminal activity and presents a moral dilemma for many in the West. In this conflict, there appear to be no good solutions.

Even Christians who escape Syria still face danger. In other countries where they live in refugee camps, Christians are ostracized, threatened, and attacked by the Muslim refugees. Life is extremely difficult for them in these camps, and they have little hope of a better future.

We may not know how to find a human solution to the Syrian Civil War, but we know God cares deeply for these suffering people. We must not forget the Christians who are bravely standing up for their faith and dying at the hands of ISIS. Please join us as we pray for their miraculous deliverance from all attacks against them.

Please Pray:

  • For God to intervene on the behalf of Syrian Christians under attack with supernatural miracles and divine protection.
  • For world governments to do everything possible to rescue Syrian Christian refugees.
  • For a peaceful end to the Syrian Civil War and the defeat of ISIS and other terrorist groups.

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