Pray for converts risking their lives in Afghanistan

Not stand by while the Christians of the Middle East are being attacked.
Pray the protection of Psalm 91 over my brothers and sisters facing dangerous circumstances around the world.

The Church in Afghanistan is heavily persecuted. Open Doors International lists this country as the 4th most dangerous place to be a Christian in the world. There are no established Christian communities still in existence after the rule of the Taliban. New converts, who usually hear about Jesus from outside sources, are on their own. The last public church was destroyed in 2010. Meeting in homes is very dangerous. The Taliban still holds a lot of power, and their radical militants will target, kill, and kidnap any known Christians. Conversion from Islam to Christianity is legally punishable with life imprisonment or death.

One Afghani believer, who came to faith because of a vision he had of Jesus, told the story of how his family rejected him after his conversion. Six years ago, when he gave his testimony, he and his wife and children were hiding in the wilderness and living in a makeshift tent after losing everything for the sake of the Gospel. At the time, they were worried the Taliban would find them. We don’t know what happened to this family, but we hope and pray that they are safe.

Christians who dare to follow Jesus in Afghanistan are some of the most courageous believers in the world. They will certainly not be able to publicly celebrate Christmas this year. We must remember to keep them in our prayers and ask God for their safety.

Please Pray:

  • For God to protect and deliver Afghani Christians from their enemies
  • For the hearts of Afghanistan’s leaders to change and provide protection to Christians

For Christians risking their lives to be filled with courage, peace, and joy in the midst of extreme suffering and danger

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