Christian Persecution Issues

Pray for Christians Imprisoned in Sudan

Not stand by while the Christians of the Middle East are being attacked.
Pray the protection of Psalm 91 over my brothers and sisters facing dangerous circumstances around the world.

Sudan is one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians, according to Open Doors International. The Islamic government regularly arrests and imprisons believers with false charges. An estimated 1.9 million Christians live under constant threat.

For a year, four Christian men have been in a Sudanese prison and charged with espionage. Reverend Kuwa Shamal, Reverend Hassan Abduraheem, and Mr. Abdulmonem Issaa Abdumawla are native Sudanese pastors. Their friend, a Czech citizen named Petr Jasek, was arrested along with them in December 2015.

The Sudanese government accused the men of conspiring against the state because they were preaching the Gospel and providing care to a sick rebel in the Darfur region. The government also accused the men of spreading propaganda internationally that damages the reputation of the state. If convicted of espionage, the four men could face the death penalty.

Another Sudanese pastor who faced the same charges last year, Pastor Peter Yein Reith, said:

“It is very sad that the pastors have been in prison for close to a year. I know what they are going through because I was once in chains for the Gospel, but God’s word cannot be chained.”

Many other Christians are imprisoned in Sudan, under one of the most oppressive regimes in the world. Christians in Sudan can be arrested for apostasy from Islam and for blasphemy, and if found guilty of these crimes they face execution.

One man who converted from Islam to Christianity recently shared his story with Mission Network News. He described the persecution he and his fellow Christians suffer in Sudan, and said, “The West has forgotten, not just the suffering Church in Sudan, but also the suffering human beings in Sudan in general — in the Nuba Mountains, in Darfur. I pray that people will start to come back again and to look [at] the disasters that are happening in these areas and try to bring relief and help and pray for the safety of those who are persecuted there.”

Please stand with CUFI this holiday season as we pray for our brothers and sisters in Sudan, particularly those who have been imprisoned for their faith.

Please Pray:

  • For the release of the four men who were arrested last December.
  • For the health, protection, and spiritual strength of Christians in Sudanese prisons.

For God to change the hearts of Sudan’s leaders and bring an end to the persecution of Christians.

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