PM reveals to UNGA another secret atomic facility

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed before the UN General Assembly on Thursday “another secret atomic facility” in Iran, some four months after he presented what he said was “conclusive proof” of a secret project underway in Iran for the development of a nuclear weapons.

“What I’m about to say has not been shown publicly before … Iran has another secret facility… a secret atomic warehouse,” he said after a brief introduction praising his country under his leadership for opposing the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

“When I spoke here 3 years ago Israel stood alone among their nations. Of the nearly 200 countries that sit in this hall, only Israel openly opposed the nuclear deal with Iran. We oppose it because it threatens our future, even our very survival,” the prime minister added.

“We oppose it because the deal paved Iran’s path to a nuclear arsenal and the lifting of the sanction has fueled Iran’s campaign of carnage and conquest throughout the Middle East. We opposed it because the deal was based on a fundamental lie … Israel exposed that lie.”

Netanyahu’s remarks to the UN came a day after Trump made his first public endorsement of a two-state solution.

The prime minister’s speech also comes on the heels of a diplomatic spat with Russia after Syria accidentally shot down a Russian spy plane while attempting to repel an IAF strike.

Speaking before the prime minister, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told the UN General Assembly that Jerusalem “is not for sale” while urging US President Donald Trump to rescind his decisions recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and cutting aid to the Palestinians, which he said had undermined the two-state solution to the Middle East conflict.

“I renew my call to President Trump to rescind his decisions and decrees regarding Jerusalem, refugees and settlements.”

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