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PM: Israel reserves full operational freedom against Iran

Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Sunday urged “resolute international action” against Iran’s nuclear program, saying he plans to discuss the issue with US President Joe Biden, who will be visiting the Middle East from July 13-16, with stops in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Saudi Arabia.

“On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden, one of the best friends Israel has ever had in American politics, will arrive,” Lapid remarked ahead of the weekly cabinet meeting.

“This visit will focus both on risks and on opportunities. When discussing risks, we will focus primarily on Iran. Yesterday [Saturday] we learned that Iran was using advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium, in direct violation of the agreements to which it is party.

“The international response to this must be resolute. The [UN] Security Council must employ the full force of its sanctions. Israel, for its part, reserves full diplomatic and operational freedom in its fight against a nuclear Iran. Israel will not stand idly by when someone is trying to harm it.

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