Palestinian Suspected of Trying to Stab Jerusalem Policeman Shot to Death

Stabbing Attempt

A Palestinian man who was suspected of trying to stab a Jerusalem policeman was shot to death in Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter on Friday afternoon, Israeli police said.

According to police, forces were dispatched to the Old City on Friday afternoon following an initial report on a suspected stabbing attack.

A statement released by the police said that a man had approached several policemen and tried to stab one of them. Forces then fired at the man, resulting in his death.

A 40-year-old Israeli woman was killed Thursday after being hit by a car near the Havat Gilad outpost in the West Bank, close to Nablus. Emergency responders said the woman succumbed to a severe head wound at the scene following initial CPR attempts.

According to a Palestinian source, a 63-year-old man turned himself in to Palestinian security forces over the incident. The driver initially fled the scene of the crime. Eyewitnesses said the car was a Palestinian taxi.

After turning himself in, the driver told authorities he fled the scene because he was frightened. The Israel Defense Forces said it was apparently an accident.

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