Palestinian Authority

PA TV to Palestinians: ‘Al-Aqsa is More Precious Than Your Children’

Palestinian Authority TV aired a clip that reinforces the P.A.’s message that Islamic holy places and the struggle for “Palestine” are worth the sacrifice of their children.

According to a new report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) published on Wednesday, for decades, Palestinian leadership has promoted to its people the ideal of dying as “martyrs” for their battle against Israel. In the new filler, the P.A. teaches Palestinians that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is “more precious than my children and more precious than my family.”

The video, which ran on April 10 states: “Al-Aqsa—the lemon blossom, the olives. I will redeem you with my soul and my eyes.”

It continues, “Al-Aqsa is more precious than my children and more precious than my family—Al-Aqsa is my life, Al-Aqsa is my life … the whole world is with Palestine, and wherever you need us, we are with you.

Among instances of the P.A. inciting violence against Israelis, PMW also mentioned a song broadcast on official P.A. radio encouraging the sacrifice of children for a future state.

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