Event Recaps

October 9 – Mount Morris, MI

On Wednesday, October 9th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted a Why Israel event at Trinity Assembly of God Church in Mount Morris, Michigan. This event was co-hosted by Senior Pastor Rob King and Rev. Ezequiel Torres, who is an alumnus of this year’s Latino Pastors Israel Tour. Over 100 congregants gathered at this event, and many of them responded very well to our CUFI message as they became CUFI members and gave offerings towards the work of CUFI On Campus. Additionally, it was great to hear of the Pastor’s interest in hosting another CUFI event next year. Lastly, we were blessed to know of his plans to take a group of their congregants to Israel in November of 2020. Thus, this event was quite effective for our Pro-Israel cause, and we look forward to returning again!