October 8 – Israel Is – Wrangell, AK

Harbor Light Assembly the largest church by far in the city, doesn’t usually have a Sunday evening service but they were very accommodating to our schedule. Pastor Kemuel Haggard (DC Alumnus and upcoming Israel trip) brought the majority of his leadership team together for a very powerful “Israel Is” presentation. Like other churches in Alaska anything scheduled around hunting season is a challenge. They also are a hub for the SE fishing industry. Wrangell is also only accessible by air and sea. Even so, the group was very engaged with everything we shared. The pastor requested that I come back at our earliest convenience for a Sunday morning. Pastor Haggard was named Citizen of the Year by the Wrangell area Chamber of Commerce. It was wonderful to see his city-wide influence from the time I landed to the moment I departed Wrangell. Pastor Haggard also put together an early morning coffee connection with an area pastor and some of their leadership group. It also was a very good gathering as we introduced CUFI to new friends.