October 7 – Bilingual Why Israel?

On Wednesday, October 7th, our CUFI Field Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus, conducted a “Why Israel” bilingual virtual event. This event was hosted by one of our Latino Pastors Israel Tour Alumni, Pastor Danny Garza of Abundant Life Church in Harlingen, Texas. This event was attended in-person by approximately 80 of his congregants, and it was also viewed on their church Facebook page by over 275 people within 72 hours of the event. During the event, the attendees received our “Why Israel” bilingual presentation, and they were invited to become members of CUFI, make plans to attend our 2021 Washington D.C. Summit, download all of our free digital materials on our website, and also give offerings to the work of CUFI. Overall, For Zion’s sake, this event was a great success.