October 5 – Springfield, MA

On Saturday, October 5th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted our first-ever Spanish Pastors Meeting Luncheon in Springfield, Massachusetts. This epic event was hosted by Administrative Bishop Dr. Rigoberto Ramos of the Church of God New England Hispanic Region, who is an alumnus of our CUFI Latino Pastors Israel Tour that occurred earlier this year. Together with his COG NER Youth Director, Pastor Jerry Morales, who is also an alumnus of last year’s CUFI Latino Pastors Israel Tour and serves as our CUFI Dorchester, MA Hispanic Outreach City Director, he gathered over 170 of their Pastors and Ministers for this historic event which happened during their annual Fall Ministers Assembly. As a result of them receiving our CUFI presentation and biblical mandate to stand in solidarity with Israel, many of the Pastors and Ministers became new members of CUFI while some joined our Daughters For Zion Prayer Network and gave offerings towards our CUFI On Campus efforts. Additionally, several of their Pastors expressed interest in going on one of our future CUFI Latino Pastors Israel Tours and also in taking some of their church members to Israel on their own. Thus, this event was very successful and we look forward to returning to this group of Pastors next year!