Event Recaps

October 4 – Kissimmee, FL

On Friday, October 4th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted our first-ever Hispanic Outreach Pastors Meeting Luncheon in Kissimmee, Florida at New Birth Church. This historic event was hosted by New Birth Senior Pastor Gabby Mejia, who is an alumnus of our 2019 CUFI Latino Pastors Israel Tour. As a result of the great impact our tour made on his life and ministry, he hosted this event during his annual New Birth Pastors Network Conference he leads. Approximately 50 Pastors and Ministers attended this event from all over northern Florida and beyond including Chicago, Illinois and San Pedro Sulas, Honduras. It was great to see the majority of the Pastors and Ministers both receive and respond favorably to our CUFI presentation and biblical mandate to bless Israel, as many of them became members of CUFI including the Pastor from Honduras. Additionally, Pastor Mejia expressed his desire to help us take more Latino Pastors to Israel on our future tours and to network with pastors in the northern Florida region to host additional CUFI events in their churches that would eventually lead up our first-ever bilingual Night To Honor Israel in their region. So needless to say, this event was very successful and it will be succeeded by other events to come!