Event Recaps

October 25 – Night to Honor Israel

On Sunday, October 25th, our CUFI New Mexico State Directors Pastors Barney and Sandi Carbajal, together with our CUFI On Campus Coordinator Cherith Runyon and our CUFI Field Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus, conducted a New Mexico Night To Honor Israel in a hybrid format. This event occurred both in person and via live streaming on Facebook. It was hosted in person by one of our Western Region Pastor Israel Tour Alumni Pastor Richard Garcia of Christian Family Church of God in Belen, New Mexico. The night was filled with great in-person participation such as special music directed by one of CUFI’s Congressional Liaisons Pastor James Runyon and intriguing updates provided by a couple of university students who are part of CUFI On Campus. In addition to the in-person participants, Rev. Peter De Jesus and our keynote speaker Holocaust Survivor Irving Roth joined the event in a virtual format. Needless to say, Mr. Roth’s testimonial was quite riveting and revealing, and it served as a great reminder of the importance for us to continue combatting Anti-Semitism in all its forms in our nation and beyond. The in-person and online audience was encouraged to join CUFI, attend our 2021 Washington DC Summit, and to financially support the work of CUFI On Campus in New Mexico. This hybrid event was a success for Zion’s sake, to say the least!