Event Recaps

October 23 – Why Israel – Kodiak, AK

We had a tremendous time with Pastor Shannon Panthin of Oceans United Church in Kodiak, AK Sunday morning October 23rd. Pastor Shannon was a Pastors Israel Trip alum that we had been hoping to schedule with for the last couple of years. His congregation was very welcoming and very easy to connect with. This congregation is a strong young congregation, made up of a lot of Coast Guardsmen and their families. While I met a number of folks who had not heard of CUFI before, their openness to our message was very clear. Among those I connected with in the congregation was a young lady that we had met previously when she worked for one of our Alaska Senators in Washington DC and had spent time working in the Trump administration. She also was a past Israel Collective trip alumnus. Others we connected with included the vice chair of Alaska Aerospace and a gentleman that is a current candidate for the Alaska State House of Representatives. Pastor Panthin wants to involve his congregation in a growing way with CUFI. He is looking to go to DC with us next year.