Event Recaps

October 18 – Why Israel – Washington, DC

The evening began with a frustrated protestor in front of the Georgetown Baptist Church and his counterpart was inside sitting with the rest of the public. Everyone was polite to him. Pastor Tirza was kind enough to provide pizza and a generous assortment of foods, desserts and drinks. It was lovely. 

Everyone was happy and excited to be together to learn on the topic and the evening flowed harmoniously. The group was very diverse and we had visitors the pastor did not know. All were attentive and engaged. It was very enjoyable for me to share since I find faith in each example, Scripture and basically all of Israel’s history. When I taught on Martin Luther’s writings there was a considerable pause, kind of an almost audible, collective gulp. I could tell they did not know the negative role we as Christians have played in our relationship with Jews. I explained that our words and actions have had deadly consequences for Jews and that I am afraid, as we all know, that this has not stopped. Perhaps it is back on the increase.  

Continuing with the presentation is crucial at this point because people need to see God’s mighty hand and how He is still active in the affairs of men. The evening ended well and they partook of the materials sent. This door is open and could yield good fruit in the future. Pastor Tirza will be joining Pastor Daemon Scapin and Abel Taye at the Holocaust Museum Special Tour and Coffee.