October 1 – Knoxville, TN

Two weeks before the Why Israel event the University of Knoxville, TN was struck with an alarming anti-Semitic attack claiming “The Jews Did 9/11!” and posting a link to a conspiracy theory regarding “The 5-Dancing Israelis.”

  “Anti-Semitism is not in your backyard . . . it’s in your living room!” I warned and all in attendance were shocked – as they knew nothing about the attack. CUFI on Campus Coordinator, Hannah Washington brought the message home and we are trusting God to now help us plant a flag in Knoxville – for Zion’s sake! The leader of large college group connected to First Apostolic Church was in attendance and has signed up to learn more on how to be trained and equipped with CUFI on Campus. A couple who have recently discovered the work of CUFI drove 2-hours to attend the event and were so moved by all they saw are now in the process of assisting us in bringing 12 Tennessee pastors and their wives to the CUFI 2020 Washington Summit next year!