Event Recaps Hamas

Oct 7th Spartanburg, SC CUFI Event

Hope Church Spartanburg dedicated both Sunday morning services to introducing the congregation to the work of CUFI. Over 700+ people packed out the two services with many of them lingering at the CUFI table afterwards and gathering information and asking questions about the July 2019 DC Summit and CUFI on Campus. Lead Pastor Tony Cribb and his wife have already registered for the summit and encouraged members of the congregation to do the same! After returning from Israel with CUFI, he is now taking others on their first Israel trip in 2019.

Our first series of CUFI events in the Spartanburg – Simpsonville areas of South Carolina were well attended and the CUFI message very well received! With hundreds of new members from just the Sunday morning services, a Friday night Stand With Israel and Monday luncheon brought in even more new churches and members into the CUFI family.