Oct 6th Fort Worth, TX Pastor’s and Leader’s Dinner

Pastor Jerry Faminia was part of the 2018 CUFI Diversity Israel Tour. He was referred by Pastor Herman Martir, CUFI’s City Director for the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  There some 50 attendees – lay people and pastors  — who were Black, White, African, Filipino, Burmese, and Latino. It was a powerful night in which the audience heard of the work of CUFI, the 25 nations represented at the 2018 Summit, the biblical mandate for supporting Israel, and how Israel the only nation in the region in which Christians are free and growing number.

Pastor Faminia just completed the sale of their building, and the new occupants will be the Ramp Church, led by presiding Bishop Shantae Younger (a CUFI member). Pastor Faminia prayed and asked God to send them a church that loved Israel. Also, members of the Ramp Church that will be moving in were present at the Christian Apologetics Symposium in Washington DC (September 22) where Diversity Outreach lectured on the Black Hebrew Israelites.  A CUFI event with the Ramp Church – Fort Worth is already being planned.