Event Recaps

November 9th La Puente, CA Bilingual Stand with Israel

The morning of Thursday, November 9, 2017, marked an epic day and event for our National Hispanic Outreach work as for the first time-ever CUFI was able to conduct a bilingual Standing With Israel event in La Puente, California at LABI College also known as Latin American Bible Institute College of the Assemblies of God. This great school led by President, Dr. Marty Harris and Campus Pastor Krystal Baca graced our National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus, with the opportunity of presenting our CUFI vision, mission and biblical mandate to at least 30 of their full-time students. Our Pro-Israel presentation was well received and thoroughly accepted by both students and faculty. Some students immediately became members of CUFI and expressed interest in our CUFI On Campus work while some faculty and leadership expressed interest in having the same presentation shared at their local churches and their top two semi-annual minister’s gatherings.  We look forward to seeing how this important seed event will result in a great Pro-Israel harvest!