November 8 – Kissimmee, FL

On Friday, November 8th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted a Why Israel Spanish event in Kissimmee, Florida at Mision La Cosecha Church. This event was hosted by our CUFI Kissimmee Hispanic Outreach City Director Pastor Agustin Lopez, and it occurred during his annual Pastors and Leaders Conference “Generacion Relevo – Relay Generation”. As an alumnus of our CUFI Eastern Region Pastors Israel Tour in 2018, Pastor Lopez desired for pastors and leaders who attend his conference from all over the nation to receive our CUFI vision and mission which is rooted in the biblical mandate for Christians to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. As a result, over 200 pastors, leaders, and congregants attended this event and responded well to our Pro-Israel message. Additionally, an extra time slot was provided during the conference where a group of 30 pastors received a second part to our CUFI presentation. As a result, pastors and leaders became members of CUFI, gave offerings to our CUFI On Campus work, and expressed interest in hosting CUFI events in their churches next year. Thus, this event was very impactful in more ways than one!