Event Recaps

November 29 Greenville, South Carolina Stand With Israel

On Wednesday, November 29, 2017, yet another historic CUFI National Hispanic Outreach event occurred in Greenville, South Carolina at Jesus El Rey Asamblea de Dios. This event was the first ever Spanish Standing With Israel event to be held in this city, and it was a follow up event to the Spanish Pastors and Leaders Dinner Briefing that took place the night before in the same church facility. The co-hosts of this epic night were Evangelist Arnulfo Cediel and Pastor Manuel Izquierdo of the host church. Approximately 90 congregants attended this event, which was highlighted by Jewish style worship music, Davidic dance, and a great pro-Israel history and bible teaching shared by our National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus. The response from the event co-hosts and host congregation was truly exemplary as many of them gave an offering to our CUFI On Campus work and also became members of CUFI. Additionally, the co-hosts were so impacted by the night that they are now assisting us with connecting us to other Pastors in the region who would like to host this same kind of event with their own congregations throughout the region. This historic CUFI event will undoubtedly be long remembered!