November 2 – Calexico, CA

On Saturday, November 2nd, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted a first-time Spanish Why Israel in Calexico, California at Generacion Victoriosa Church. This historic event was co-hosted by Pastor Eduardo Ceceña of Generacion Victoriosa Church, and by Pastor Guti Martinez of Cedes Comunidad Cristiana who went on our CUFI Latino Pastors Israel Tour earlier this year. As a result, congregants from both congregations attended this epic event and responded very well to our CUFI vision, mission, and Pro-Israel biblical mandate to stand with Israel and the Jewish community as many of them became CUFI members and gave offerings towards our CUFI On Campus efforts. We look forward to returning to this city next year to have a CUFI Pastors Meeting!