Nov 14 Lubbock, TX Bilingual Standing With Israel

On Wednesday, November 14th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Peter De Jesus conducted a first-time “Why Israel?” bilingual event in Lubbock, Texas at Pathway Assembly. This epic event was hosted by Pastor Lauro Hernandez, who became a member of CUFI last month and serves as the Secretary-Treasurer for the Assemblies of God West Texas & Plains District (WTPD). Approximately 85 congregants attended this historic event and many of them became CUFI members in addition to giving offerings towards our CUFI On Campus efforts. Additionally, Pastor Hernandez was so impacted by the event that he shared with us on behalf of the WTPD their desire to host future CUFI events throughout their region. Thus, this epic event made a great impact beyond the event itself!