Nov 13 Charleston, SC Pastor’s Luncheon

After three years of near weekly attendance at local churches throughout Charleston, SC, a Jewish friend of CUFI had almost given up on finding a church that was willing to host a CUFI luncheon in the city. We thank God for Pastor Stafford Floyd of the International Church who upon hearing of the opportunity, immediately agreed to do so! With his influence in the city, we had 6 churches in the area send their pastors along with the new Shliach (Israeli Emissary). Shai Bibas and a number of Jewish leaders joined with us in this breakthrough event. Three of the pastors, including the reverend of St. James Anglican Church, who until this gathering was part of the Supersession anti-Israel theology have become new CUFI members and are going on the February, 2019 CUFI Israel Trip. Two other attendees submitted requests to become Congressional Liaisons for their city and a number of others stayed afterwards to discuss attending the CUFI 2019 DC Summit together!