Israeli Technology

New Israeli Ballistic Missile Passes Sea Tests With High Level of Accuracy

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) successfully tested on Tuesday its latest ballistic missile, the Israeli news site Walla reported.

The LORA missile was tested at sea, with two projectiles fired at prearranged targets. One test was a short-range launch of 90 kilometers and the second a long-range test of 400 kilometers.

In the tests, the missiles were launched, then acquired their targets automatically, and succeeded in striking them with great accuracy.

LORA is a ground and sea-based system that includes the missile itself, a specially-built launcher, a command and control system, and a land and sea support network. It is designed to strike a target within an accuracy of 10 meters.

Boaz Levy — general manager and executive vice president of IAI’s Systems, Missiles, and Space Group — said, “This complex experiment has demonstrated and exhibited the advanced capabilities of IAI and the weapons system.”

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