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Neo-Nazis Stage Crudely Antisemitic Demonstration Outside Jewish Community Center in San Antonio

Four days after they staged an antisemitic stunt at a highway overpass in Austin, Texas, the same crop of white supremacists appeared in the city San Antonio on Tuesday, where they staged a crudely antisemitic demonstration across the street from a Jewish community center.

Under the eye of local police officers, supporters of the neo-Nazi “Goyim Defense League” flaunted banners carrying vulgar antisemitic slogans that denied the Holocaust, defamed Jewish religious practices and blamed the COVID-19 pandemic on a Jewish conspiracy.

Wearing T-shirts decorated with Nazi swastikas, two of the group’s supporters held a banner reading “Honk if you know the Holocaust is fake.”

Another poster attacked the Jewish tradition of circumcising infant males at the age of eight days using pornographic language. Fliers claiming that “every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish” were scattered by the group as they rallied opposite the San Antonio Jewish Community Center, where a Holocaust commemoration event was taking place.

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