May 2 Harlingen, TX Stand With Israel

On Wednesday, May 2nd, our National Hispanic Outreach held the first-ever Standing With Israel event in Harlingen, Texas near the Mexico border. This historic event was hosted at Word In Season Church led by Pastor Edward Hinojosa, who together with his precious congregation, received and responded very well to the CUFI presentation provided by our National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus. The great results of this event were multifaceted as many of the attendees became members of CUFI and also collectively raised a corporate offering for CUFI On Campus on behalf of their church family. Additionally, although this was a first-time seed event, Pastor Hinojosa was so impacted by this event that we scheduled a Pastors & Leaders Dinner Briefing to be held later this year in his region. Lastly, to crown the success of this epic event, Pastor Hinojosa accepted our invitation for him to become our Hispanic Outreach City Director in Harlingen, Texas. All in all, this was an amazing event that will impact many more to come!