Event Recaps

May 15 – Why Israel – Caldwell, ID

We had an outstanding Sunday at Deer Flat church, with many who attended that have not known about CUFI.  The atmosphere was thick with love for Israel, and curiosity about what the service would consist of. The response was strong.  Many people signed the Israel Pledge Card. A number of people desired information about attending Summit. Several people want to cover the cost to send some people to Summit from Idaho. People gave towards supporting CUFI. Many were impacted by the depth and information of the presentation and were mind blown over the revelation about Martin Luther.  They had never heard this before. People loved and took lots of CUFI materials and were glad to have them so they could learn more. I believe we closed out this amazing day putting a big smile on God’s face.  He blessed the entire day.  I believe we raised the visibility of CUFI quite significantly in Idaho. I’m excited to see what fruit will come from this.