Event Recaps

May 15 – Why Israel – Burlington, VT

Pastor Simon Sangpang is one of 6 Nepali speaking churches in Vermont who have recently been brought into the work of CUFI and he will be going on his first Israel Trip this November. He has been a lover of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people since the early 1990s but has never known what to do with it other than to faithfully pray for the peace of Jerusalem almost everyday of his life! At the conclusion of the Why Israel Sunday, we had a 2-hour lunch together and he and his wife are now going to attend the July Summit along with his college age son and daughter applying to attend as well. Several members of his church approached him and have asked to attend and he is hosting a zoom event this Wednesday night in which he has requested Evan and me to participate in helping a number of college students in Vermont also apply to the July summit. His 19-year-old daughter is completing her 6th year of college credits having started when she was a junior in high school and is preparing to become a doctor. Her biggest dream as of this afternoon is to participate in or start a CUFI on Campus on Harvard University where she is planning on finishing up her college classes in a few years. She is also applying for the Bonhoeffer Fellowship Israel Trip.